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Made with consistent quality and care since 1988. Christine’s Upper Crust Pies has been making, baking, and delivering delicious, freshly-baked  pies to the Bay Area since 1988. The pleasure of making our pies by hand, lovingly from scratch, still  endures to this day…a pleasure that we are happy to pass along to you. Our passion is evident today  as each pie is made and delivered with consistent ingredients, quality and care.  Same traditional recipes,  just a different size mixing bowl. Our traditional recipes are the same as when we started ~ nothing has changed except the size of  the mixing bowls! We continue to make everything from scratch, using only the best ingredients  that money can buy; a difference our customers can taste. Our quality is uncompromising ~  we refuse to make substitutions, take short-cuts, or sacrifice taste to save time or money. We  make our pies just like you would make in your own home, if you had the time. They are  handmade quality with an authentic homemade taste. We use only the very best ingredients.  All of our ingredients are the same as you would find in your  own kitchen cupboard, or growing in your own backyard. To  make our pies, we start with a big bowl of real fruit, picked at its  peak. Then we stir in a little sugar and just enough tapioca or  rice flour to thicken the natural juices. Finally we put it all in our  hand-rolled, flaky, and mouth-watering butter pastry. No cans,  no hydrogenated oils, no Trans fat, no artificial  ingredients or fillers, and no preservatives!  Our pies bring back warm, sweet memories. People say our freshly-baked pies bring back memories of good  times and celebrations past… 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Birthdays… warm pie right from the  oven, filling your senses with intoxicating aromas of fruit and pastry. When you taste an Upper  Crust Pie you are immediately reminded of tradition and enjoyable, loving memories with family  and friends. Enjoy an Upper Crust Pie and Taste a Memory! 
Christine Milne is the founder of Christine’s Upper Crust Pies.  Giving the gift of handmade pies. Christine’s passion for pie-making began early as a young girl  growing up in the Pacific Northwest, where she picked wild  berries and made pies for family and neighbors. After a  divorce in the summer of 1987, Christine was living on a  friend’s houseboat in the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor and  sold her first pie to a couple at the end of the dock. Soon she  was picking wild blackberries every morning and baking pies  every afternoon. In the fall of 1987 Christine was cited by police for selling pies  on the sidewalk of Mill Valley, California without a permit. She  moved her operation from the houseboat to a bakery in San  Anselmo where she began calling on restaurants and cafes,  looking for consistent customers. Her first account, a Mill  Valley landmark, is still a regular customer 23 years  later. In 1995 Christine moved Upper Crust to its current location in San Rafael. While she is no longer  baking the pies herself, Christine continues to play an active role in the company and particularly  enjoys sales and meeting new people. She is also an active member of the community, supporting  both the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and the San Anselmo Chamber. Christine regularly  attends networking events for Women in Business, and was most recently nominated for the 2011  Women Entrepreneur Award for the North Bay. When she’s not at Upper Crust, Christine enjoys exercising, bicycling, dancing, traveling, and  visiting her children, grandchildren and friends.
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Upper Crust’s single bakery is located in a 5,000 square-foot facility in San Rafael, California.   In an average week we deliver as many as 2,500 pies, and over 24,000 during the Thanksgiving  week. Despite the greater capacity, each pie is still carefully made by hand using Christine’s  original recipes. “We do everything ourselves,” says Christine. “No bag mixes, no buckets of filling,  no short-cuts, no inferior ingredients, and no distributors. We make, bake, box and deliver all from  our one facility in San Rafael.” 
Upper Crust proudly supports  local organizations, including:  Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Black Pine Circle School Integrated Community Services Kentfield Schools Lifehouse Agency Marin Abused Womenís Services Marin Arts Council Marin Center for Independent Living Marin Conservation League  Marin County Bicycle Coalition  Mayflower Choral Society  National Foundation for Celiac Awareness  Novato High School  Novato Horsemen Inc.  Pengrove Elementary School  PEP Housing  Redwood High School Ross Valley Players Rotary Club of Marin  San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce  San Rafael Chamber of Commerce  San Rafael High School San Rafael Motherís Club SF Veteranís Community Living Center Sausalito Art Festival Terra Linda High School  Unity in Marin Church Warm Wishes Whistlestop Wheels Widowed Persons Association of California Youth in Arts
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Charitable Contributions The Upper Crust TEAM The Upper Crust team consists of 10 regular employees and five delivery people, some of whom have been with the company for over 15 years!  Our experienced Production crew runs the bakery and carefully makes each Upper Crust Pie by hand, using the same recipes as when we began. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff handles sales, accounting, administrative duties and offers superior customer service. Our timely and consistent delivery people ensure a seamless delivery of Upper Crust products from our bakery to our retail market locations.  Together our team works hard to guarantee the highest quality products and services for our customers.  Thank you for your business and support, from all of us at Upper Crust!
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“Upper crust makes excellent pies, they are fresh and they sure are tasty... best pies I have ever had.” ~ Brendan, San Anselmo
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