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Now our famous, flaky and mouth-watering pastry shells are retail packaged and ready to fill with your own favorite recipe. Perfect for chicken pot pies, quiche, cream pies ~ you name it! You’ll save both time and energy using Upper Crust pastry shells, and you can trust they are the same quality as you’d make at home. Simply use the shells to make (2) open-face pies OR remove the dough from one tin, roll it flat, and make a double-crusted pie full of delicious filling. Our shells are conveniently available in our 9” and 6” sizes, each in our traditional Butter Pastry and our Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Pastry. Find them in the freezer section of your local grocer. (2 Deep Dish Pastry Shells per pack).
Buy Christine’s line of Unbaked-Frozen Pies, also in the freezer section. Perfect for storing in your freezer and baking at your own convenience!
Traditional Butter Pastry Gluten Free Pastry Want to save even MORE time?
Flaky pastry made with real butter (no Trans fat or hydrogenated oils!) Exact same pastry recipe as our regular freshly- baked pies found in the bakery department.
Our delicious Wheat & Gluten Free pastry made with garbanzo bean flour. Flaky, delicious, and safe for those with food allergies. Try one today!
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