Care & Handling Instructions Freshly-Baked Pies: Always REFRIGERATE AFTER PURCHASE. Because our pies are made with real fruit and butter, to preserve freshness they should be refrigerated unless they will be eaten immediately. To serve at room temperature, remove the pie from the fridge an hour before serving. To store: cover cooled pie with plastic wrap and refrigerate. For reheating instructions, see our F.A.Q. page. Key Lime Pie: To preserve freshness, keep pie in freezer after purchase. Defrost in refrigerator for about 1 hour prior to serving, or cut the number of slices you wish to serve and leave at room temperature until they are defrosted to your liking. Unbaked-Frozen Pies: Keep frozen until ready to bake. See the side of the pie box or our F.A.Q. page for specific baking instructions. To store a baked pie, follow the instructions above. Frozen Pastry Shells: Keep frozen. See packaging for specific baking instructions.
Product Information
Ingredient & Allergy Information Traditional Butter Pastry: Our pastry is made with real butter and contains NO trans fat, NO lard or vegetable shortening, and NO hydrogenated oils. Sugarless Apple Pie: Our No Sugar Added Apple Pie is made with organic Xylitol, the sugar substitute derived from vegetables and fibrous plants. It is recommended by dentists and other physicians for its dental health benefits, low calorie and carbohydrate levels, low glycemic index number, and its ability to treat infection. Xylitol is delicious, light, and not too sweet. Our Sugarless Apple Pie is safe for diabetics, and customers say it rivals our traditional Apple Pie in taste. To view nutrition and ingredient information for this pie, please see below. General Allergy Information: Please note that the Upper Crust bakery is NOT a nut-free, dairy-free or wheat-free facility. For more allergy information please see below. For nutrition and ingredient info about a specific product or flavor, please visit the bottom of this page. Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Products: Our wheat-free, gluten-free pies are made with Garbanzo Bean flour, derived from chickpeas and completely gluten free. Unlike the commonly used gluten-free flours and starches that have little nutritional value and often contain more calories and carbohydrates, garbanzo bean flour is a wonderful alternative. It contains fewer calories and carbs, and it’s higher in protein and fiber. Plus it lends a rich flavor to all of our delicious pies. GLUTEN-FREE ALLERGY NOTE: Upper Crust makes every effort to clean and disinfect all of our utensils, bowls, mixers, trays, etc. between each batch of pies to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients. Please note, however, that we are not an exclusively gluten-free facility and we encourage you to read our ingredient labels before enjoying our pies. Nut Allergy Information: Upper Crust is not a nut-free facility, as both walnuts and pecans are used in our bakery. Our Pecan Pie contains pecan nuts, and our Cran-Apple Pie contains walnuts in the top streusel. While we make every effort to clean and disinfect all of our utensils, bowls, mixers, trays, etc. between each batch of pies to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients, the pies are made on shared equipment. Please note that we are not an exclusively nut-free facility and we encourage you to read our ingredient labels before choosing to enjoy our pies. Dairy Information: Upper Crust is not a dairy-free facility. All of our pastry dough is made with butter, including the Gluten-Free recipe. All double crust pies have a pat of butter under the crust and are brushed with a beaten egg prior to baking to add color. Our Cran-Apple Pie has 6 oz of cream cheese on the bottom layer, the Pumpkin and Amaretto Pumpkin pies are made with evaporated milk and whole eggs, and the Key Lime Pie contains fresh egg yolks and whipped cream. For more information about a specific product, please click the links below.
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For Nutrition Information about our pies or sizes, please contact us and we will happily send a copy via e-mail. Thank you.
Sometimes smaller servings are more appropriate for your event.  Bite-sized portions look irresistible and are great for grand buffets or just a bite of pie with coffee. Guests can taste all flavors instead of just one! To serve: cut an 8” pie into 1” or 2” bite-size pieces using 1 1/3” or 2” base baking cups (see diagram right).
Special Event Ideas
2” Squares Servings: 32 Cups: 2” base
1” Squares Servings: 52 Cups: 1 1/3”
Serving Tips & Recommendations Slicing Pies: Use a wide-bladed SHARP knife without serrated edges Cut through the diameter of the pie, creating equal sized slices (see below) To remove slice from pie tin, use your fingers to carefully bend the edge of    the tin under the crust of the slice you’d like to serve. This allows space to    slide the pie server in without breaking the edge of the pastry. To serve, carefully set the slice upright on a plate. Then dig in!
For a larger events, we recommend using baking cups for serving pre-cut slices. The cups keep slices beautiful and neat, and they’re easy for guests to hold. Plus they make a beautiful table display and are appropriate for any occasion! (see our celebrations page for photos) Choose classic white cups OR customize with different designs to match your event (pastels for Easter, silver or gold foil for weddings, fall colors during the holidays... use your imagination!) For slices: Use large baking cups with 2 1/2” base. With your thumb, pointer and middle fingers create a triangle shape (2 cups per slice). Delicately place slice into triangle. Fan out cups on serving platters or trays, pedestals, or tiered stands.
Bite-Size Servings
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CHRISTINE’S TIP: Cut 10” pie into 12 slices, which is small enough for guests to enjoy more than one slice, plus any other dessert your serving.
CHRISTINE’S TIP: For intimate gatherings, such as picnics or dinner parties, place pieces of corresponding fruit in the center of the pie (for example, 2 plump strawberries on a Strawberry- Rhubarb Pie). Or put fresh flowers around the serving plate to make the pie truly pop!
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