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All Upper Crust products are carefully made from scratch by hand, using traditional recipes and only the finest-quality ingredients. We make our pies in small batches with consistency and care. Every ingredient used is the absolute best that money can buy ~ we never make substitutions or take short-cuts. Our pies are made with real fruit picked at its peak, fresh eggs and butter, and enriched unbleached flour (even our authentic Key Lime juice is delivered from Key West, Florida). All of our recipes are the same as when we started in 1988, giving our pies a delicious homemade quality you can taste ~ just like Mom’s. And just like homemade, our pies contain NO preservatives, NO trans fat,  and NO artificial flavors or fillers. Every product we make meets the superior standard that is synonymous with Upper Crust.
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Frozen Pastry Shells
Freshly-Baked Pies
Handmade pies with a homemade taste.  Baked fresh to-order and available for purchase in the Bakery department of your local market.  Also available in our Wheat & Gluten Free Pastry.
Unbaked-Frozen Pies
Bake these pies at your own convenience. Same superior quality as our freshly-baked. These beautifully packaged ‘Christine’s Pies’ can be found in your grocer’s retail freezer section.
Our famous, flaky pastry available to you! Our pastry shells are packaged and ready to fill with your own recipe. Find in the freezer section. Also available in our Wheat & Gluten Free Pastry.
It’s all about the fruit. When you taste an Upper Crust Pie, the first thing you’ll notice is the fruit. Chunks of apples, slices of peaches, whole berries... you’ll recognize the quality of ingredients immediately. At Upper Crust we don’t believe in cans, jellies, artificial flavors or fillings. In fact, we don’t use anything but ripe, consistent, beautiful fruit picked at its peak. We begin with a bowl of real fruit, and stir in a little sugar and just enough rice flour or tapioca to thicken the natural juices. Then we add our traditional blend of natural spices to enhance the fruit’s flavor. Customers say our pies taste like a bowl of fresh fruit and are not too sweet!. The fruit’s natural sugars allow for a perfect blend of sweet and tart, creating an authentic taste that people love.
Our flaky, mouth-watering pastry. Upper Crust’s pastry is ‘Bay Area famous’ for its texture, flavor and taste! We use real butter instead of vegetable shortening or lard, which creates a moist and delectable pastry without the hydrogenated oils or trans fats! The result is a flaky and delicious crust that pairs perfectly with our real fruit filling. Still hand-rolled, always handmade.  Our pastry is hand-rolled thin, which is essential to a gourmet crust... a pie should strike a nice balance of pastry and fruit. Once our dough is lined in its shell, it’s ready to be filled with our real fruit filling. Or it’s available for you to fill with your own favorite recipe!
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