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Upper Crust has been delivering high quality pies and pastry to San Francisco Bay Area markets, restaurants, cafes, caterers, country clubs, and other retail or food service establishments since 1988. Many of our accounts have remained with us for years, some even since we began; a testament to the excellent service and superior products that we consistently provide. Both our accounts and our customers recognize the quality of ingredients used and the exceptional care we put into making our pies. Upper Crust has a large following of “foodies” and those with the refined taste to truly appreciate a gourmet pastry. We welcome your partnership and would love to regularly deliver the upper crust of handmade, freshly-baked pies to your establishment.
Customer Service Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Contact: (415) 485-5658 or Sales@ChristinesPies.com Order Days Mondays & Thursdays 7:00am-1:00pm Contact: (415) 485-5658 Fax: (415) 721-0583 (Cannot accept orders by e-mail) Accounts Receivable/Billing: Tuesdays & Fridays 9:00am-5:00pm Contact: (415) 485-5658 Accounting@ChristinesPies.com
Our Products
Freshly-Baked Pies Our popular Baked-to-order pies, handmade with natural ingredients and No Trans Fat. Available in 10”, 8” and 6” sizes. A variety of Year ‘Round Flavors and Seasonal Favorites available.
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Unbaked-Frozen Pies Beautifully packaged for retail sale in the freezer section. Available in 3 of our most popular flavors: Apple, Berry Supreme, Strawberry- Rhubarb (Pumpkin in the fall). Sold by the case (6/case).
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Retail Pastry Shells Our famous 9” or 6” Deep Dish Pastry Shells (2/pack). Available in our Butter pastry OR Wheat & Gluten Free pastry. Keep in freezer section for retail sale. Available for sale by case,
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Wholesale Pastry Shells Our famous Pastry Shells available in our butter pastry OR our Wheat & Gluten Free pastry. Perfect for filling with your own pot pie or cream pie recipe. Available in 10”, 9”, 8” and 6” sizes.
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Outstanding Service & Support ~ personal customer service available 5 days a week. We help  with orders, questions, anything you need to succeed. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Quality Products ~ only the best ingredients are used to make our pies; a difference you and your  customers can taste with every bite (see our products page for more information).  Product Variety ~ we offer a wide selection of year-round favorites and seasonal flavors in our  freshly-baked pies, as well as several sizes of unbaked-frozen pastry shells.  Order Flexibility ~ choose the exact size and flavors you want without having to purchase by the  case or palate. All of our pies are freshly-baked-to-order just for you!  FREE, Timely & Consistent Delivery ~ our pies are baked at night and delivered directly to you  in the morning! We’ll be there twice a week, 52 weeks a year (holiday schedules vary) 
All of our wholesale accounts enjoy the same benefits:
Already have an account with us? What is a wholesale account?
To be considered a “wholesale account” you must be a retail or food service establishment that orders regularly throughout the year. Pies must be ordered weekly and resold at an above wholesale cost. For questions, please contact us.
(415) 485-5658 E-mail: Info@ChristinesPies.com
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To learn more about becoming a wholesale account, please contact us at (415) 485-5658 or Sales@ChristinesPies.com.
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